Dashy Knight


Jump and fight against all the enemy archers


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Dashy Knight is a 2D arcade game where you play a little knight who has to make it as far as he can across a landscape of moats and towers while attacking lots of bad guys.

The controls in Dashy Knight are super simple: tapping the left side of the screen makes your knight jump (he can double-jump, too) and tapping the right side makes him attack directly ahead of him. With these two moves you have to dodge all obstacles and take on as many bad guys as possible.

Dashy Knight is an arcade game that's as simple as it is fun, with a very direct gaming experience. None of this buying new characters with different attributes, or upgrading your weapons, or building your decks. No sirree. You just play time and again trying to get as many points as possible. And honestly, that's quite enough to provide a good bit of entertainment.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher.